Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The perfect wedding shrug

Months ago (I think it was back in the fall?) a customer and friend of ours, Kali, came into the shop looking for a yarn to use for a wedding project. Her wedding. And the project was something she wanted to create - sort of a shrug - to wear with her dress.

She had envisioned some sort of lace pattern and we discussed the idea of making a rectangle and seaming it up so it fit like a shrug. Then we started looking for the perfect yarn. She wanted a white (or was it natural? - can't remember!) yarn and we were talking about adding something with a little glitz. It took me a few minutes, but I pulled out a skein of Tilli Tomas Disco Lights, and she fell in love. What could be more perfect than 100% spun silk, pre-strung with petite sequins?

She bought a few skeins and then went home and came up with a gorgeous lace pattern. She simply knit a rectangle and folded it in half and seamed for each arm. I think you'll agree it is stunning!

I didn't get to see a picture of it on the big day, but I did ask her to bring it in to the shop recently so we could check it out. I'm sure it looked incredible at her wedding, but it also looked great with jeans and a tank! A perfect example of a yarn (and pattern!) that works with many outfits.

Thanks, Kali... for sharing!

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Sandy said...

Oh my gosh that's beautiful! I can only imagine how pretty that looked.