Monday, May 26, 2008

A must see in Vermont

My mom and I have started a tradition. It's been years now, not sure how many? Each spring we take two cars and head to the Von Trapp Greenhouse in Waitsfield. Two cars, you ask? With gas at $4 a gallon how can I justify it? Well, my mom and I are both plant fiends and this is our major annual purchasing trip of the season.We simply cannot fit our purchases in just one car. We take Helen and Sophie and have a "ladies who (buy plants and) lunch day." It's always so much fun - well, not so much fun for the girls. They actually think it's fun at first, when they go around picking up all of the spent blooms from the grounds. That wears off after about 10 minutes, and then they are quite bored. But how can you be bored with this to look at?I repeat myself many times, saying "Just a few more minutes. Gan and I are doing our best to be speedy." When of course we're not, really. We are both overwhelmed at the wonderful things we see each year. I could go to a greenhouse closer to home, but it IS a tradition, and quite frankly, the selection and quality of the plants is totally worth it. They grow all of their own plants from seeds, cuttings or divisions. No imports here. Just homegrown Vermont. And the scenery, well, that's another reason I go.My visit here each year really signifies the start of summer for me. So I guess now I am ready. Bring it on!

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