Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I guess I felt like felting

May is always a tense month. It seems as if there are so many school things that are all scheduled around the same time... meetings, reading restaurants, sports, Brownies, Girls on the Run, teacher meetings, birthday parties, etc.

Add to that the daytime sales rep meetings that I have (it's fall buying season!) which can last 3-4 hours at a time, and a big anniversary sale that we are getting ready for. It's a bit overwhelming at times.

So I've felt a bit burnt out each evening after all of these things tugging me in different directions, and the knitting mojo has suffered. The other day I felt I needed to start something to get it going again.

I've done a LOT of felting in my 25 years of knitting. I love it because it's really pretty mindless and quick. Perfect for my current frame of mind! So I decided to break down and knit the Noni Yummy Lunchbag that's been tempting me every day for several weeks now.

I was a bit startled to find out that it takes a whopping SIX skeins of Cascade 220. That's a lot of yarn... but I broke down, because it's really adorable. And it is supposed to be naturally insulated, and I imagine it would last a LONG time.

So I dove in. I found that it was excellent practice for knitting continental, as I used my left hand for one color and my right hand for the other. I know how to knit continental, but it's not my method of choice, as I was not taught that way. I just prefer to throw my yarn. But I must say, I am QUITE the picker now, and I did a wonderful job on that section of the bag - very even tension, it looks great.

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