Friday, June 24, 2011

Straight from Norah Gaughan... a preview of each Berroco design for Fall 2011

The new Berroco pattern booklets for fall 2011 are in stock and now shipping. We've really had a great response to them so far in the shop.

And here's a super treat for the day!!!

Listen and watch, as Norah Gaughan walks you through each pieces and shares the important design aspects while the slides show informative closeups and/or back views that aren't visible in the pattern booklets.

Enjoy the slide shows!
Norah Gaughan #9
Berroco Book #310 Souffle
Berroco Book #311 Flicker
Berroco Book #312 Boboli
Berroco Book #313 Comfort & Vintage
Berroco Book #314 Voyage & Nanuk
Berroco Book #315 Bohemian Mix

Thanks to Norah for explaining the "real" pronunciation of Boboli... when I was in college I lived in Florence for a year, a block away from the beautiful Boboli gardens... Pronouncing this yarn Bob-Oh-Lee just kills me! Remember BOW-BOW-LEE... grazie!

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