Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flicker Hat

Berroco Flicker was introduced late last spring. It's really a fall & winter yarn, but it was ready in 6 gorgeous neutral colors, so it was introduced prior to fall 2011. Our customers loved it!

This fall they've introduced 4 new colors... and I just love ALL of them! I grabbed a skein of the Pyotr (really, these names are crazy! Let's just call it purple!) and whipped up a cute ribbed hat this past weekend. After all, it was cold and rainy and the weather was perfect for knitting and hat wearing.

We used to have a hat sample in the shop knit from Berroco Jasper. It was a fun hat to make, and it fit SO well. The self-striping nature of the yarn made the hat look even cooler.
But when Berroco discontinued Jasper, we had to pull the hat from the shop. I used this free hat pattern to make my Flicker hat. The gauge was a bit different, so the needle size and some stitch counts had to change, but the end result is lovely! The Jasper version was fun & sporty, but the Flicker version is elegant & sophisticated. Helen tried it on last night and LOVES it. She said she "needs" one for Finland this coming winter. She definitely gave me the good old guilt trip, "poor me, none of my hats fit me anymore, I have to have a handknit hat in my new school in Finland..."

Funny, I packed all of the winter gear and sent it over on the container with our furniture. If I open my google docs spreadsheet and search "Helen winter hats" I'm pretty sure I will find several line items that match...
"But MOM! This one is SO pretty. I NEED it. Puh-LEEEESE!"

I agree. It is pretty. It's pretty spectacular. And who am I to stand in the way of this fashionista? So I guess I better let her pick out a color before we leave next week!

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