Friday, June 03, 2011

Over 100 squares!

contributed by Shawn

There are now over 100 squares in my Noro Silk Garden
mitered square blanket! The colors of the yarn are clearly the star of the show.
In our class we've discussed adding squares on each edge of the blanket so that it continues to grow into a rectangular shape rather than narrowing into a point at the center. For a while I wasn't sure how wide I wanted this project to be. I've settled on 15 squares across the bottom which is wide enough to provide a coverlet for my full sized bed. So the past few days have seen me plugging away at filling in the sides. I've fallen a bit behind as when it's nice out I've had gardening to do. I'm still averaging about 2 squares a day but haven't tackled all of the loose ends yet. I'll have to take a break soon and work on some of them so that I don't get too far behind.

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Jean said...

It's drop-dead beautiful!