Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Meet Senior Designers, Caleb and Newt

We've posted about our amazing 'custom' knitter Janet before. Each year her grandson, Caleb, designs a sweater, and Janet faithfully produces what he has designed in a yearly sweater installment. And each year we marvel at her process as she periodically comes in to consult with one or more of our staff.

This year we discussed the options of intarsia colorwork or duplicate stitching the details for Caleb's 7th grade sweater, which has a wildcat design.
This year Caleb's sweater has a different front and back! The wildcat is duplicate stitched onto the back. I remember brainstorming with Janet about the best way to transfer the image onto the sweater. She had looked into knitters graph paper but was having trouble getting it to work - possibly because of a finicky printer setting. (Be careful that the printer doesn't re-size your image when printing as this will distort the graph paper ratio!)

Not only did she knit the wildcat design for Caleb, but she has begun the same tradition with another grandson, Newt. Isn't it the cutest dinosaur sweater?

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Allison said...

I will attest that Janet (aka "Nana") is the best custom knitter out there and we have the well-togged kids to prove it. Thanks for sharing her story!