Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Got questions? We've got answers!

Driving into work the other day, I had a new idea for a blog series...

What if we took some of the questions we get on a daily basis - the ones that don't have "right" or "wrong" answers, but are more asking for opinions - and posted them here, along with answers? And not just my answer, but the answers of a number of folks who are working in the shop that day?
We're all VERY different people, and so our opinions can - and most likely will! - vary greatly. I think it will be a great resource on the products we sell, our experience using those products, and heck, you'll even get to know each of us a little better!

So here goes...

Do you have any needle sets now? Why did you choose that particular one? I'm looking at buying an interchangeable circular knitting needle set. Which one would you recommend and why?

I currently have the Knit Picks Harmony Wood circular set. I love knitting with wood and bamboo needles, but I often find that the tips are too blunt. I bought the Harmony Wood needles because they are nice and pointy, and the wood is lovely and smooth.

(MY PERSONAL TIP FOR BLUNT WOOD NEEDLES: if your needle tips are too blunt or are getting snaggy, sand them with very fine sandpaper, and then polish them with a piece of wax paper – the wax paper fills in any of those tiny cracks that can snag your yarn).

If I could purchase a new set today, I would get the Lantern Moon Rosewood needle set, without a moment’s hesitation. I have a couple of sets of the Sox Sticks double pointed needles at home in the rosewood, and it is hands down the best material I have ever knitted with. I love the feel of the wood: its smoothness, its weight, its durability. Such a wonderful treat to work with!

I would also like to own the Addi Turbo Click set. I don’t often knit with metal needles, because I find that metal fatigues my hands a lot quicker than the more flexible wood does. But there are times that knitting with metal is the only way to go – I’m lookin’ at you, cotton yarns!

The only needle set I currently own is a Knit Picks Harmony Wood double pointed needle set for socks. I bought it because I prefer the shorter 6” length over the standard 7.5-8” length of double pointed needle. I do not like metal double points at all as they tend to slip out of the knitting. The Harmony set is also really pretty! And it comes in a handy case.

If I were to purchase another set I would choose the HiyaHiya metal set with the 5” tips. These have a smooth cord join and I prefer a metal needle.
I find the 4” tips a little uncomfortable to hold in my hands, so I would rather have the 5” tips. My hands are large and I find the 4" tips cut into the side of my palm. I prefer the Hiya Hiya as they do have the cables to make a 16/18” needle. I'm excited because we always carried the set with the 4" tips, but just last week added the set with the 5" tips, and it's exactly what I've been wanting.

I own a Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set, and I love it! All of the tips and cords store neatly in the boxed set, and fit perfectly on my bookshelf with all of my knitting books. The case is designed very nicely, and works well as long as you put the needles and cords back where they belong. (This is not something I am good at though!) I bought them because even though I normally knit with Addi Turbo circular needles, I needed a good set for travel. The Denise set is reasonably priced, and I like that the tips are pointy. I always hated plastic needles (still do!) but honestly, the Denise plastic needles don't even feel like plastic needles to me. I find they are slick enough to use with all yarns, and grippy enough to use with slippery yarns. Best of both worlds... now I just have to remember to put them back.

I have been looking for another set for some time, but haven't found a set that satisfies ALL of my needs. I wanted to get the Addi Turbo Click set, but was disappointed that it did not have an option for a 16" cable. I like the pointy tips on the Addi Lace Click set, but like Barb, a 4" needle tip drives me bonkers! It hurts my hands too much, so I couldn't get that one.

So, I just splurged and bought a Lantern Moon Rosewood set... and it's delicious! The wood is so lovely and soft, the tips are just pointy enough, the cables are flexible, the joins swivel, and the case is beautiful. I think I'm in heaven!

I don't currently own a needle set. I started to collect the Addi Turbo needles 9 years ago before we had such a great selection of needle kits here at the shop.

If I were to purchase a set, I would of course want the Addi Click set. Addi's are truly my favorite needles to knit with. The set is also a really good deal for the amount of needle options you get versus buying them individually. The only dislike I can think of is the fact that there is not a 16” cable. My other choice would be the Knit picks Harmony Circular set. The price is reasonable and I love the colors of the birch. I just haven’t had a chance to try them yet!


CyndyC said...

What size are the tips on the Lantern Moon Set?

Jill said...

Hi Cyndy! The tips are 4" in length. We've checked our description to make sure those details are in it. Thanks!