Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Knittin' Mittens

I've been working with customer Josie B. for a couple of weeks on mitten knitting techniques. We've been meeting weekly for our 'mitten class' and tackle different parts each time, work out the bugs, fix mistakes, you name it and we work on it all in the context of the perfect mitten.

Josie is working her way through all the Manos Maxima
colors and recently moved on to experimenting with the Malabrigo Rios colors. She's going to have a riot of colorful mittens and they're all beautiful!

To get ready for our upcoming mitten class (that's right - spring classes are posted!) I began working on some mittens myself. I like to have a finished mitten and one in progress
so that I can demonstrate during class.

After working up the mitten for class using worsted weight yarn things seemed to spiral a bit out of control... I have mitten mania now! The mitten for class is shown here underneath my hand in the
photo. And it fits great!I was having so much fun with mittens that I decided to work up a pair of felted mittens using the Snow Country Felt Mittens pattern. And the finished pair (before felting!) is pretty amusing. I now refer to the them as the 'hulk' mittens. Michelle made me pose. I think I better felt these before something dangerous happens.

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