Friday, April 15, 2011

Got Questions? We Got Answers!

Today's question is a good one... especially with Mother's Day coming up!

If you received a $50 Gift Certificate to Kyarns today, what would you buy and why?

This is a really tough choice! I think of gift cards as an opportunity to splurge and try out something new that I might not automatically buy for myself. Maybe I would try a new and scrumptious novelty yarn, like almost anything in the Tilli Tomas line. Or perhaps I would put together a project I have never tried before, like a lace shawl pattern and some yummy Koigu yarn.

I just purchased a pair of the Gingher Classic 4 inch Embroidery Scissors for a friend... but I have wanted a pair of these for myself for a long time! These Embroidery Scissors are for a serious knitters because they are very pointy and made to last a lifetime... high quality and destined to become an heirloom. Of course there is also that skein of sport weight Jade Sapphire 4-ply cashmere in the color Thunderstorm that I have been thinking of knitting into the Driftwood Hat pattern for myself since last winter but just haven’t brought myself to take home yet…. It is so difficult to decide!

If I received a gift certificate I would purchase Berroco Blackstone Tweed Chunky and Berroco Book #298 to make the Dickens vest. This vest looks great on everyone and would be perfect for me because I am just too hot in a sweater. I would want to make an item that I would have for awhile, then when I wear it I could remember the person who gave me the gift certificate. I know when I purchase a gift for someone I always try to pick something they would not want to splurge on, it makes it extra special.

I have had my eye on some Noro Kochoran. I already have a pattern for it, but just can’t figure out which color to pick! There is also the new Malabrigo Angora... I've been waiting for that yarn for months and it's finally here!

I would get the Lantern Moon Compact Zippered Case for double pointed needles, since I just got a whole set of new dpns and I feel like splurging on a new case to house them! I'd have some money left, and so I would also get a Walker Bags Triple Hole Yarn Case. I know that I went over the $50 amount by a bit, but I've really been itching to do some fair isle work with the Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport and this yarn case would be perfect! It's worth dipping into my own wallet for a bit of that!


Joy said...

I only wish someone would give me one. I wouldn't have any problem spending it :) I just gave a $50. gift card to someone who is deployed. She wrote to let me know she's going to buy some Soak and some other things she didn't bring with her. She thoughtt of waiting until she returns home, but is very happy to be able to purchase what she needs now.

Jaknits said...

No question about it - You would have one less set of the Lantern Moon interchangeables to drool over! I would put that gift card toward one of the sets.