Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Spotlight on Sirdar

I recently added some new Sirdar patterns to the website, and thought I'd share some of them here, since they are WAY too cute. I don't know what it is about these patterns... the styles, the yarns the models? But there a some really cute ones and they're not all just for babies!

How about hats for
babies? Pattern 1711 has 6 styles all in one leaflet! That's a great bargain.

Want a sweater for a little girl? You'll certainly have a hard time making a decision. I love patterns 1723 and 1761 for baby gifts
- because they both have a sweater, hat & booties. Pattern 1752 is adorable with an I-cord flower on the front. I love the matching sweater and beret in pattern 1760.
For boys, there are great Aran sweater options. Try the beautifully cabled & hooded pattern
1733, or pattern 1759, or pattern 1887. Pattern 1807 is a simple, yet sweet pullover and has a matching blanket. Speaking of baby blankets, pattern 1903 has 2 fun options.There are some nice patterns for accessories that use the fair isle Crofter DK. You want legwarmers, wrist warmers or socks? Then pattern 9135 is perfect. Or try your hand at one of four great hats in pattern 9189.There are some great patterns for adults as well. Like the vest for women in pattern 9248 or for men in pattern 9130. This is just a small sampling!

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