Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shared Projects

I started the Shallot Sweater with the Rowan Purelife Revive a couple of months ago. It's in the Purelife Recycled Collection pattern booklet. The Revive is a gorgeous yarn and even though it just arrived in the shop last week, I had ordered a bag of it earlier in the winter so I could get started on this top for a shop sample. I'd hoped to finish it, but you know how that goes...

It's normal for me to go down one needle size with pretty much every
project I do, and my gauge swatch on this yarn proved no different. So I ended up on US size 2 and 5 needles. I worked the ribbing on the 2's and about 4-5 inches of the pattern on the 5's. The pattern calls for you to yarn over and then purl 4 together. On the next row, you work a K1,P1,K1 into the YO to maintain your stitch count. The P4 tog was tough, despite the sharp tips on the Addi Lace Needles I was using. It did me in and so the sweater sat.

When the yarn came in last week and I was photographing it for the website, Barb and I were talking about how beautiful it is. I mean check out these colors:Barb asked me how my sweater was coming along. I had to confess that it wasn't.

So Barb offered to work on it for me. Fortunately she was without a project at the time, so I brought it in the next day for her to take home. She didn't like that P4 tog either, but she figured out a way to make it easier (slip 2 purlwise, p2 tog, pass 2 slipped stitches over) and she's cruising on the sweater.
Remember, sometimes it takes some higher level thinking to find a workaround. At least n
ow I know that even if she gives me this sweater back to finish, I will have an easier time of it.

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