Thursday, February 24, 2011

Laceweight projects abound!

Last week we received another book dedicated to projects for lace weight yarn. We'd recently gotten in Silky Little Knits, which was so well received by our lace addicts, that we thought we'd try Lacy Knits.

We know it's hard to justify buying a book unless there are a number of great projects in it. Both of these books have a lot of neat patterns for lace, so we think they are worth it. I used to have a rule when buying music albums. I had to really like at least 3 songs on the album or I wouldn't buy it. I think that rule also works for books. And if so, I've just bought these two for sure.

In Silky Little Knits, my clear favorites are the Linda Beaded Boa:
the Colorwash Mittens: and the Frilled Bedsocks: Although there are a number of other projects I just love, too.

And in
Lacy Knits we have a few faves as well. Barb has already grabbed 2 skeins of Debbie Bliss Angel and started the Wonder scarf.
She's made some good progress on hers, and look how beautiful it is! It's basically a 4 row pattern... but 2 rows are just knitted and the other 2 are the same, just offset.

I've picked out the Glow scarf and we're going to make that up as a shop sample.
It calls for 2 different kinds of yarn, one a kid lace/mohair blend, and another one slightly heavier. I'm pondering our options on that one...

And I love the Beth cowl. Who wouldn't want to have this wrapped around them on a cool winter day?

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