Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Manic-In Monday

We're a day behind this week - sorry! We arrived to work yesterday to find that all the heavy snow we received on Saturday night had fallen from the roof onto our front walks. Imagine a foot of heavy wet snow from the entire roof, all coming down onto the sidewalks and making a 2 foot high SOLIDLY PACKED snow banking. It was all hands on deck (actually, all hands on shovels and ice picks!) to clear the walks in time for the shop to open. After that, today's 4 inches is nothing!

It would have been nice if our gal could have helped us with the shoveling, but she didn't want to perspire in her beautiful new sweater. I tried to convince her to help out - the yarn is machine washable for crying out loud - but she'd have none of it. Sometimes she's a little too cool for school... especially when there is manual labor involved. Anyway, she does look great in this cardigan. It's lightweight, but warm, and such an easy stitch pattern, you'll be doing it in your sleep. The scarf is also simple, and adds a splash of color.
Sweater: Hester sweater in the Rowan Homestead Classics pattern booklet knit with Rowan Alpaca Cotton Yarn
Scarf: Instant Gratification Scarf knit with Noro King yarn

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