Monday, January 31, 2011

When seedlings sprout...

But in this case, it's the other way around... from a sprout comes a seedling? Or something like that.

Classic Elite Sprout, part of their Verde Collection, is a bulky weight 100% organic cotton. It's amazingly soft and has a lovely nubbly texture. We've used it now for several seasons in cotton sweaters, tanks, baby blankets and fun scarves for those who don't like wool or other blends. It's been so well received, in fact, that Classic Elite just introduced Seedling... the worsted weight sibling of Sprout.

And while we don't have the Classic Elite pattern booklets yet for spring (
here's a peak at booklet 9133) this yarn can be used in any worsted weight pattern that calls for 4.5 stitches to the inch. (Think Mission Falls 1824 Cotton, recently discontinued and completely sold out... though we still have some wool left!)

The color range is smaller to start, and we opted out of the primaries and went for the more muted colors. These colors are perfect for both adults and babies. I was so
inspired by the colors that I had to pick several and put them together in the same project. Here's a little progress on my recently started the Minnow Knits Krayon Krazy sweater. I've made this pattern before, so it's sort of an oldie but goodie. Super easy, cute, quick and a great way to combine 4 colors into the same sweater, without it being plain old stripes. Soon we'll have a coordinated, but not-too-matchy-matchy baby blanket done in the bulky weight Sprout.

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