Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Manic-In Monday

Brrr! A super chilly day to start of this week means we get to layer on more handknits. What's wrong with that? Nothing! Since we had the heat cranking yesterday, our gal did not have to wear a super bulky sweater. She opted for a striking lighter weight raglan with subtle side shaping and thin horizontal stripes. She paired it with a easy one-skein cowl in a soft and luxurious yarn. Perfect color match too! To be honest, this sweater didn't wow me when I first saw it in the pattern booklet. The one in the photo is red and purple, and I blew right by it. But when our sample arrived in blue and gold (two colors I NEVER would have put together) it made all the difference. I love this sweater!

Sweater: Jidai Sweater from Berroco Book #308 Vintage & Vintage DK knit in Berroco Vintage DK yarn. Cowl: Sampler Neckwarmer knit with Classic Elite Lush yarn.


Norma said...

And look how rumpled the one in the pattern book looks. Your blue and gold sample is divine! It's JUST my cup of tea. But first... finish the ones I'm working on. :)

Joy said...

I was just going to say the same as Norma. It helps that yours is so nicely blocked. The one in the photo is a hot mess!