Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lotsa NEW going on...

On Wednesday night my Berroco sales rep Andra showed up at my house after work. She had a few NEW things to show me and was in the area so I told her I'd make her dinner. That's NEW, since she usually meets me at the shop.

She brought the wine, and I made the dinner. She's a vegetarian, so I thought tried out a few NEW recipes... including a Roasted Vegetable Soup that was quite tasty. The wine she brought was NEW to me (a Francis Ford Coppola wine, delish!)

The girls always love hanging out with Andra... they think she's totally cool. They had finished their homework quickly so they'd be able to spend time with her. While things were finishing up in the oven, we talked about all of the snow in the forecast... the word Snowmageddon was tossed around about 500 times! Andra and the girls whipped out their i-Contraptions (Andra... the phone, and the girls... their Touches). They zealously compared apps and shared a few tricks back and forth. Andra showed them her NEW favorite app "Weather Zombie" and of course, the girls have already downloaded it. Andra asked about our trip to Finland and was interested in our take on Finnish fashion... but honestly, people were too bundled up for me to really get a glimpse at it. (I did see lots of handknit funky cowls though. Right on!)

Dinner was yummy, and even my not-so-fond of vegetables husband Marc ate it all, despite his threats to grab a few hot dogs from the freezer. Not sure if he was serious about doing that, but it elicited a look of horror on Andra's face, and that's always fun. And hey... Andra ate beets! NEW for her.

As we cleaned up from dinner, the girls HAD to show Andra their rooms. I don't know any 11 year old girl who passes up an opportunity to show a guest her room. Andra dutifully went upstairs, and got to meet "Eni" the hermit crab, and check out Sophie's wand (from the HP theme park) and robe (from her summer Enchantment camp).

Then, finally, my lackey Marc went out to car to get several heavy bags and boxes. Andra felt bad, but hey, Marc loves to help out, and my theory is, if I ask and he says yes... there's no guilt on my part!

Andra pulled out some great NEW samples that she's been making and the girls got to do a little modeling (another reason they love seeing Andra!) Here's a beautiful scarf in the brand NEW Berroco Glint with funky flared ends on Sophie:
And a NEW cowl that's super easy and lightweight, made in Lang Jawoll Magic.
Doesn't it look FAB with the robe? And here's an AWESOME cowl out of NEW Berroco Flicker.
This is totally in my queue now. SO incredibly comfy and soft. Like your neck is wrapped in total luxury. It looks so great on Hermione Sophie.

Helen came in to the fashion show a bit late, but she did get a lesson on "cowl styling" from Andra.This one is in Berroco Glint and really pretty!I checked out (and ordered) NEW buttons and drooled over (and ordered) the NEW Lantern Moon interchangeable needle sets. Folks, these are the BOMB! I admit, they are très cher, but I knit with them and it was pure heaven. This photo isn't an actual set - it's half rosewood and half ebony:
We will be carrying these, and we'll have a set at the counter for you to try.
So it was a fun visit. Though had Andra come one night later, we would have also had to squeeze in sledding. Fourteen inches of snow + our steep driveway = the hottest sledding spot in the neighborhood. They were out last night until 9pm.
I'm sure that would have been a NEW experience for Andra!

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Emily said...

The girls are just too adorable -- tell them to stop being so awesome, please!

And speaking of awesome -- Lantern Moon interchangeable needle sets?! Be still my heart.