Friday, January 07, 2011

Can we turn back the clock... about 7 years?

At dinner last night, I was talking with the girls about how grown up they are becoming. They're 11 and a half years old now, and such young ladies! I thought back to the years when they were 4, 5 and 6... and oh, how I miss those days! Such cute, carefree kids, with not a worry in the world! They could (and DID) dress in plaids, florals and stripes, and wear multiple layers of mismatched clothing without caring what anyone else thought about it.

I used to be able to shop for them, with complete success. No
w, I don't dare buy them any clothing unless they are with me, and have approved it. I used be able to pick out sweater patterns for them, but not anymore! Certainly no more surprise Christmas sweaters - there's no way I would spend time knitting something that wasn't pre-approved.

But, there WAS a day that I could make them anything, and they'd love it. The new Berroco Book #304 Playground Stripes took me back to that day... about 7 years ago. This pattern booklet is new for spring, and everything in it is made with sock yarn. Vibrant, fun colors that stripe. These patterns are so adorable! I am in love with every single one in the book.

For little ones, the Wald crocheted blanket would be a precious heirloom.
The Spiel Jumper looks super comfy for those diapered bottoms, and Koru is the perfect best friend for any little child. And what sweet little leggings (Stowasser) to cover up those chubby little legs!Children a few years older will appreciate Wunsch, a fair isle cardigan: and this zip front hoodie (Wien) with its hood lined in a different color: Two v-neck cardigans... one for boys (Fargen)and one for girls (Selb) An awesome color blocked pullover (Krems) and a fun hat (Spirale)And last but not least... something I think my girls might like! A fun hooded shrug (Baum). But don't worry, I will be sure to check with them first!

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choo choo knits said...

CC would LOVE some of those girl sweaters - but only because, as you said, she's 5...and loves the bright stripes!