Monday, January 10, 2011

Manic-In Monday

WOW it's cold today! Even though our heat is cranking, it's taking a long time to warm this old building up. We've all got sweaters and fingerless gloves on, and I'm still looking for extra layers...

A shawl is certainly in order for our gal, who gets cold in the front hallway with the door opening all day long. This shawl is lightweight, but WARM. It's 100% wool in a fingering weight, so it keeps you cozy but doesn't weigh you down with a lot of extra bulk. It's a generous size, too, so you can be creative with how you wrap it around yourself. It even looks great as a huge scarf. The lace pattern is easy and fun, and looks so nice in this gently striping yarn.Shawl: Ripple Shawl, knit with Jojoland Meloday Superwash yarn, and the Jojoland Ripple Shawl pattern
Shawl Pin: Horizontal Shawl pin... a best selling shawl pin for 2010, my sales rep (who shall remain unnamed...) thought I was crazy for buying it. But I thought it was SO cool! And luckily our customers agreed. Great price, lightweight & good looking.

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