Friday, May 21, 2010

Sock it to Ya!

Sock knitters take note! I know it is hard to come into the shop or browse through the almost unlimited opportunities for sock yarn sometimes. For that reason we thought we would point out a couple of special sock yarns for you to take a look at and marvel over.

We have a new Online Supersocke yarn, Noble Color, that is the softest washable blend of fingering weight sock yarn that I've ever had the pleasure to pet. This yarn is an almost unbelievable silky soft texture created by a mixture of wool, nylon, and 20% angora. The self patterning color palette offered ensures there is something to fit everyone's fancy and I don't think I will want to take these socks off my feet they are going to be so cozy. And yes, this blend is machine washable, too! It really will be a treat to have a pair of socks knit from this yarn. You may have to feel it to believe it - I just cannot do this yarn justice in a blog post.

For those of you who are always looking for that new exciting sock yarn colorway to keep things hopping on your needles we have an incredible selection of limited edition colors from Opal. Opal has always been a favorite for our sock knitters. It is soft, yet durable and machine washable. The colorways are always changing so if you don't pick one up today you may miss it! We have 5 different color lines right now including Maskenball, Antonia, Rainforest, Schafpate, and Kaleidoscope. That translates into 19 different limited edition colors to choose from! But as I said these won't be around long so be sure to grab what you want before they're gone.

Don't forget that sock yarn isn't just for socks! Try our new free Newborn Hat pattern for a super cute and quick knit in one of these self patterning sock yarns. (Oooooh, just think angora sock yarn for tiny newborn babies!)

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