Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's a mystery

We just unloaded a new yarn from Tilli Tomas yesterday... and it's gorgeous! We are the only ones to have it right now as it is BRAND new. It's called the Mystery Skein, because it's got multiple fibers in it that change as you knit... so it's a mystery as to what is coming next!

There are 10 colors and all the fibers are dyed in similar (or the same) shades. There are a number of different yarns/fibers in each skein... like Pure & Simple, Symphony Lace, Milan, the un-beaded version of Angel, and then some other fibers like a funky mohair boucle, a gorgeous ribbon, etc.

I grabbed a skein of the Dusty purple and a size G crochet hook and worked up a simple crochet skinny scarf. I had some yarn leftover, so I crocheted some little flowers and attached them on the ends. I love it!

We are working up some other samples with this yarn. It's really gorgeous and so soft... there are are so many possibilities for it!

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