Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Fall Colors - on the site and on the shelf!

My camera has been busy today. In fact it went past photo #9999 and started renumbering at 0001. That's a lot of photos (and I've got more than one camera!)

All of the new Berroco fall colors for existing yarns are now in stock (except for 1 or 2 backordered ones). They've been unpacked, stored away, put out in the shop, photographed, edited and put online. Thanks to everyone here for a job well done. We're got new colors in Comfort:
and Sundae:
And it's not just Berroco... we have 4 new colors each of Lamb's Pride Worsted and Bulky.
They're all gorgeous! And the best part is, there are still great deals on these yarns (in older colors) on the sale page. Check it out!

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