Friday, April 23, 2010

Pageboy Hat

A while ago a friend of mine asked me if I could make a hat with a brim for her. So I went on a search for an appropriate pattern. There are a lot of them out there, but many of them call for putting some reinforcement material in the brim so that it keeps it's shape (I didn't want to do that) or the hat itself just wasn't what I envisioned for this person. Then one day I was filing patterns in the shop and came across the perfect pattern! The Stitch Diva Girly Couture: Trendy Knit Hats Collection by Tina Whitmore has three hat options. One of them is a Pageboy hat with a felted brim. The hat is knit, and the brim is knit and then felted and sewn in after it has dried. This creates a flexible but sturdy brim that keeps its shape without the added thickness of a fully felted hat.

I picked out Malabrigo Chunky. O
ne skein is enough if you are careful to get gauge - I had only a couple of yards left over! It's very soft for a hat, and felts really well so the brim was perfect. The pattern is easy to understand and it was a quick knit. The only downside was waiting for the felted brim to dry so that I could finish the whole thing up!

I liked this
one so much I immediately cast on with a second color of Malabrigo Chunky so I would have one of these for myself!

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Jane said...

Is that Shawn under that hat???