Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Citron finished!

I finished my Citron shawl this weekend. It definitely needed a good blocking! It dried in no time, since it was in the mid-80's outside. Our screens weren't in yet and so the windows were shut in order to keep out those pesky cluster flies. The temps inside the house were quite toasty, but perfect for drying knits!

It is beautiful. The yarn is so soft! I'm not sure I'd knit a sweater out of it, might be a tad too drapey. But shawls and scarves, of course. It's just perfect. Very soft!

So in addition to popping a few cold weather growing seeds into my garden (way ahead of my normal schedule), finishing my shawl, and squeezing in a down and back trip to the Concord, NH Target (I know it sounds extreme, but when the temps are this high and your kids have outgrown everything, it's a necessity) and getting outside to exercise in the gorgeous and warm weather, we pulled off another egg hunt for the girls.

Helen is quite the competitor, and likes to win at everything. In order to make it fair, I hid candy-filled eggs in groups of two. I put a notecard with a number on it with each pair of eggs. The idea was they had to work together to find all of the eggs, instead of running around and seeing who could collect the most.

We told them where the eggs labeled #1 were, and then they split up to find the rest. They couldn't pick them up out of order, so when one of them found #2, she'd have to wait for her sister to come over, they'd each take an egg, and split up to search for #3. It was sort of a memory game - they'd pass eggs that weren't the right number, but when they got to that number, if they remembered correctly, they would know exactly where to go.

Marc thought I was crazy and that it was too complicated. But then he always doubts my egg hunt "rules" and every year (including this year) he admits at the end that it was a good idea, it worked, and that the kids loved it. So there!

Before this year's hunt, Helen said, "Well, Mom... we're 10 now, so don't expect me to RUN or anything."

Okay, Helen. It looks to me like this is a full-blown run. (Note the shoes - one still in midair!)

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