Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Madness

Recently I've been surrounded by birthdays and though I've been knitting like crazy to try to keep up, I haven't been keeping up! I am not a slow knitter, but I'm not a fast knitter, either. So I may be behind the actual birthday dates, but sometimes that just happens with handmade gifts.

I recently gifted this pair of fingerless mitts.
I knit them with Noro Silk Garden in the same colorway as my own recently dubbed "Rainbow Trout Gloves". I've had to be very careful lately that my gloves didn't 'disappear.' Now that my friend has her own I think I'm safe!

One of my favorite yarns is the Rowan Lima - it's so soft. Because I love knitting with this yarn, I will certainly be very sad to gift this hat.
My friend (the recipient) has already had a chance to see and feel this one while in progress. He's already asked me twice if I'm finished despite the fact that we've been having a lot of warm, sunny days in Vermont this spring.
Here's another Lima hat that I've been wearing:

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