Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New Koigu & Offhand Designs!

So yesterday was gray and it poured all day. By the time we were driving home it was really snowing, and this morning there were quite a few accidents... did you Vermonters get tricked by the recent nice weather and take off those snow tires too early?

Anyway, as depressing as the weather was, we did have some items arrive that really brightened our spirits! We got a big box yesterday from Koigu, with 15 new colors of KPPPM... and each color is fantastic. I'm already drawn to several of them... might have to take a Koigu project on vacation next week.
We also got our Offhand Designs spring bags... I have to say, this fabric selection this season is my favorite! I can't decide which one I like better. I'm usually drawn to the greens and earth tones, which make Rosamond, Rumplestiltskin and Jack the favorites... but Ariel - a new blue - is quite eye catching!

I brought in two new bags this season. One is smaller - the Suki Bag:
And the other is large - the Maude:
These are available in most of the fabrics, and we can get them for you, even if we don't have them in stock.

We also sell so many of the Circular and Deluxe needle cases that we added the Traveluxe Case.

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