Friday, April 24, 2009


I always tell people I am not the biggest fan of small needle knitting. I often explain that I never finish a PAIR of socks because by the time I've finished one I just can't seem to motivate myself to cast on for the second one. I also like to knit with addi turbo needles so all those beautiful skinny little yarns with their slippery amazingly tiny fibers and I usually end up in a fight when I try to use the yarn and needles together.

But I CAN knit with small needles and I HAVE knit pairs of socks before. Truth is, it just usually isn't my thing. So why then, have I started casting on for projects that are knit on small needles with skinny little yarns?

It all started when a couple of skeins of Koigu - the last two remaining of a colorway - begged to come home with me. I HAD to take them because we needed more room for the fifteen or more new Koigu colors that came in. (That's what I am telling myself anyway.)

I love the colors in these two skeins and found reinforcement yarn that will blend perfectly. Yes, now I'm complicating things and adding even skinnier yarn to the project.... I'll be digging out my Yankee Knitter #29 - Classic Socks for the Family pattern soon.
One of the new colors of Koigu is now desperately trying to get my attention. I am trying to be strong. Because if I am not a big sock knitter, how could I possible have more than one project at once?!

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