Thursday, April 09, 2009

Keep an eye on the sale page...

So inventory is over, and while we were counting things last week, we identified a number of items that we decided to mark down. If you check the sale page of our website, you will find some really good deals. They'll go quickly - in some cases it was 1-3 skeins left, but the discounts will be DEEP, so buy it before it goes!

We do have some great bulky silk, too, from Tilli Tomas. It's called Simply Heaven, and it's easy to see why they gave it that name. There's quite a BIG discount on it. And great colors...

And it's not just yarn... there are some Offhand Designs bags, and some other larger items.

Now, back to unpacking all the yarns that are coming in. We sold so much during our sale that we'll be unpacking for weeks!

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