Friday, March 21, 2008

New Lexie Barnes Fabrics... and one new bag!

It sure was fun opening the Lexie Barnes box this morning. We love the new fabrics - they're perfect for spring... and didn't that start yesterday? You wouldn't know it with the 15 degree temperatures and whipping wind this morning, but at least we can pretend it's spring by staying indoors and surrounding ourselves with all things bright!

So we got the Lady B in all three new fabrics, as well as the Betty and Kitty needlecases. We also got a bunch of the Jinx bags... This is a brand new design and they're calling it a "hobo" bag. I would call it more of an "over the shoulder messenger bag" but whatever you call it, it's really cute. AND IT'S REVERSIBLE!!! So if you're feeling in less of an in-your-face mood, and want to blend in a bit more, just turn it inside out and you've got a great looking solid bag.

Fabrics (top to bottom): Utopia, Diablo, Pacifica.

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