Monday, March 03, 2008

The Ellis sweater... don't ya just "Love It"?

We loved Norah Gaughan's new pattern book when it came out back in January.
The sweater on one of the front covers (there are 2 - it's a flip over book, like her first one) is very cool. It's called the "Ellis" and it's knit in Suede. "Shop model!" I thought. But not in Suede. I love Suede, but I hate knitting with it. I can never get gauge, so the three projects I've ever started out of Suede have never made it to FOs. I have even tried crocheting with Suede. No luck there either. So the Ellis sweater is knit out of Suede... big deal, I thought. We'll just substitute. We do it every day for just about every person who walks in the door.

Well, part of Norah's book is all about that. Substitution, that is. She takes 3 garments, and shows them each three ways. Different neck, different ribbing, different sleeve. You get the picture. We liked all elements of the Ellis, except the yarn. So we decided to make it out of Love It, and LOVE IT we do! This yarn is amazingly cozy, easy to knit, and great to wear. (Not to mention, it was $20 less in Love It!)

Last year Love It was new. And the color palette was not the greatest, for adults I mean. It was great for kids, and it should be... it's a perfect yarn for kids. But they came out with some great new shades for spring, and so grown ups, it's now a wonderful choice for you as well.

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