Thursday, March 13, 2008

Milan - now in stock

Yesterday I was in heaven! I got to photograph all of the new Tilli Tomas Milan! There's been such a big buzz about this yarn. A week or so ago, anyone on Tilli Tomas' email list got a little blast announcing this new yarn. We had MANY phone calls and emails asking about it. So here it is, and ooohhh, it is so yummy.
I love all of the colors. I can't even pick one as a favorite. I know they are variegated, and most people would probably just pick one shade to work with. For some reason, they are talking to me in groups. Like Napolean, Little Red Riding Hood and Fawn:
Or Hydrangea and Harvest Sunset:
Or Peonies and Lillies:
Or Drewbilation and Mermaid:
And while meant for socks, I see little baby hats and booties, crocheted beanies, scarves and more.

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