Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pure Merino knitting

So four of us are knitting Pure Merino! Well, really only three. But that's because I finished my sweater 2 nights ago. Here it is...
Here's the progress of all the Pure Merino sweaters as of yesterday. Barb started the Manon sweater the other night. That was one of the most popular ones when Norah was here at the shop.
Last night I did a gauge swatch for my next sweater - the Anais. I'm not doing the Ultra Alpaca light - as I think it would be too hot for me. But if I used the Ultra Alpaca Light, the total cost for all sizes is just over $20! What a deal!!!
I wanted something washable, so I was deciding between Wool Cotton, Cadenza, Felted Tweed, or doubled Jitterbug. I really wanted to do the Jitterbug because there was a color screaming out to me (Morello Mash) but it would have cost $80! And that's just not responsible yarn buying (for me!) So I ended up with a gorgeous color of Rowan Felted Tweed (Avocado). The yardage translates into 3.01 balls of felted Tweed, so since I am doing the small, and all sizes call for the same yardage, I know I will only use 3 skeins. At $9.25 a ball, it's still under $30. NOT BAD!

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