Monday, January 16, 2012

It's not too late, it's just really early!

contributed by Shawn 

The holidays have come and gone. So why is it that in January each year we sell more Christmas stocking patterns than in the months leading up to the holiday? Seriously, we're filling orders this month for so many stocking patterns... I guess there's nothing like the post holiday feeling to get you thinking about next year?

Since people are obviously still thinking "Christmas stockings" it means I can share my own story from this year...

Just like in years past I decided it would be nice to do a little something for my friends for Saint Nicholas Day.  This holiday is in early December (December 6th) and because I have to get my things finished by then, it means I can relax more before the real holidays start.

This year I knit several stockings using Berroco Vintage and Nancy Lindberg's Christmas Sock pattern. And way back in early November, I started working on little knitted items like hats and fingerless mitts to put inside the socks.  I tried to pick out some snacks that everyone would like so you'll see plenty of clementines, fruit leathers, tiny apples, sesame sticks, and wasabi peas ready to be put inside as well.
I didn't photograph the stockings after they were filled - they always look so awkward and lumpy...but I promise that they were very well received!

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