Wednesday, January 04, 2012

It's Joulupukki night!

Tonight is our craft night here at Kyarns. Every member of our staff is hanging out together so I can show them how to make a Joulupukki... or "Yule Goat". Yule Goats are typical Yule decorations in Scandinavia (though Finns don't consider themselves to be a part of Scandinavia - that's a different topic for another day). Read this if you are interested...

Never heard of a Yule Goat? Don't worry. Nobody on my staff had either! I grew up with a mom who loved (and still does!) all things Scandinavian, so we've had Yule Goats in all sizes in our house each winter holiday season. And when I saw them in Finland a shop window, made with a single (but large!) skein of paper yarn, I knew I had to make one for myself.
I struggled a bit through the Finnish instructions (actually, I struggled MORE than a bit, since Finnish is one language that even Google Translate can't handle!) But I went back into the shop and had the woman show me each step. It took her about 3 minutes - and was very helpful, since I am totally a visual person. I went home and in just a couple of hours I had my very own Joulupukki. 
So tonight, it's Yule Goat night here at Kyarns. It's doesn't involve any knitting or crocheting, BUT it does involve one very large skein of paper yarn. We've all picked different colors and there's going to be a lot of squeezing paper skeins, tying, and cutting. Oh, and little sushi eating too. 

We'll have some pictures to share tomorrow. Want to learn how to do this? We're hoping to schedule a class on it this summer!

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