Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Craft Night Follow Up

Last Wednesday night we stayed after work and made some Joulupukkis (Yule Goats). It was a lot of fun and definitely not something anyone had ever done before. 

I brought back these huge hanks of paper yarn from Finland, and instructions on how to take the hank, open it up, bend, tie and cut in a specific sequence, and end up with a pretty cool Yule Goat. 
Shawn wrangling the paper hank
I had made one in Finland the week before so I would know what I was doing. But even after making it, I still had to refer to the directions a few times!
Polly trying to get the back leg curve just right!
Barb and Michele hard at work on the heads
Forming the face
We had a lot of laughs. Michele's goat looked like an anteater at one point, and she was concerned she was doing it wrong! 
Michele with her anteater
Of course she was just being a perfectionist, and once she reshaped the head and trimmed the paper around the face, it looked great and she felt much better.  
Trimming the feet
The Cleanup... this paper is good in place of Styrofoam peanuts! Maybe you'll find some in your next package...
In the end, each goat has its own personality and size, based on where the ties where placed, how tightly they were tied, and how long/short the paper was cut. 
The finished products from the front...
... and the back!
Michele named hers "Clyde" and sent me a picture of Skitz and Clyde, nuzzling in front of the fire:
A romance in the making?
Next up, figuring out how to make these out of a different weight of paper yarn, and reducing them to the size of a tree ornament. Stay tuned!

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Joy said...

Awww... I wish I still worked there! They're so cool. Can't wait to see the ornament sized.