Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hip Hip Hurray for REAL sized models (and for Norah Gaughan Volume 10)

The newest Norah Gaughan booklet (Volume 10) has been in stock for several weeks in both paper and e-Book format. If you haven't taken a look at it yet, now's a good time to check it out in detail!
Before I go through the great sweaters in this booklet, I'd like to point out that Berroco has used a REAL sized model in this booklet. Kudos to them for finally using a size 14 model in the photo shoot! I think she's every bit as beautiful as the smaller model she's shot with, and I'm sure you'll agree.

We all come in different shapes and sizes, and isn't it frustrating to see a sweater pictured on tiny model, and have no idea what it will look like on your own body? This booklet is great because it shows two models: one wearing a size 44" and the other wearing a size 34". They're shown wearing different sweaters in the book, but you get the idea. Thanks Berroco! I hope to see more of this in the future.

Okay, now for the patterns. These sweaters are all shown in gorgeous neutral shades of both warm and cool weather yarns. I don't recall one Berroco book ever showcasing so many different yarns!

The Etesian Shrug (knit in Berroco Lago) is a flowy, long-sleeved shrug with elegant columns of lace that drape gracefully around its neck.
The Santa Ana Sweater (knit in Berroco Seduce) is a stockinette cardigan with alternating bands of lacy mesh and garter stitch, which form slinky scarf-like ties at either side of the neck.
Similar to these two sweaters is the Austru Sweater, a warmer version (knit in Berroco Ultra Alpaca) with gracefully ruched panels of lace that extend beyond the neckline to create a cozy scarf.
One of my favorites! The sophisticated Foehn Sweater (knit in Berroco Linsey) has a gently curved stockinette body and is fastened with a single button.
The Kaver Sweater is an enchanting cropped pullover. It uses a crisp and cool summer yarn (Berroco Captiva) and is worked into textural wedges edged in wide bands of ribbing.
Sculptural leaf motifs encircle the body of Knik, a mesmerizing cropped shrug with close-fitting long sleeves (knit in Berroco Voyage).
My other favorite! The Levanto Tunic is a breezy stockinette tunic with fluttering panels of lace along the sides. It has comfortable three-quarter length sleeves and is knit in Berroco Seduce.
The Taku Sweater (knit in Berroco Blackstone Tweed) looks fun to knit! Richly textured triangles join together to create an intriguing pullover with a deep v-neck and three-quarter length sleeves.
The Vardar Sweater is a short-sleeved cardigan featuring long sweeping curves. It's knit in lace-weight yarn (Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine) and edged with ribbing in a thicker weight (Berroco Ultra Alpaca).
Whew! It's a great book. And I didn't even show you the other three sweaters!

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Andra said...

than you, Jill, for believing in the "real life girl" model. I'm knitting the cover sweater for myself and appreciate seeing it on a model with curves like mine!