Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ruffle Alert!

For the second year in a row, ruffle yarns are a big hit for the holidays. The popularity of these yarns is no surprise, but this year we've had a harder time keeping these yarns in stock, and so have our suppliers! We have received some recent shipments and so we do have quite a few of these yarns in stock now - even if your favorite is not available, there are plenty of choices for substitutions that are very similar, if not almost identical.

So, here's a quick stock status for those of you who are planning to make a ruffly scarf or two in the next week and a half...

As of this posting, we do have 6 colors of Triana Lux and 7 colors of Triana,
4 colors of Flounce, 6 colors of Lacey and 3 colors of Flamenco

We also just received another ruffle yarn called Broadway. This is similar to the Triana Lux - it has a thin metallic fiber running along the outer edge. Just one skein is enough for a scarf and it's gorgeous. Check it out!