Monday, December 19, 2011

A Holiday Sock For Jack

contributed by Shawn

Polly brought in her latest finished project to show us and get us into the holiday spirit this week.  She has just finished her grandson Jack's holiday stocking using Nancy Lindberg's Christmas Socks pattern.  Isn't it just too cute? 
Polly told me this morning that she was very impressed that the pattern allows you to choose your own motifs to place on your project so that you can customize the stocking for different people.  I think the tiny Santas and reindeer for Jack are a good choice! 

You can see another combination of the motifs that are possible in our shop sample here
Polly worked with the Plymouth Galway yarn and added a few tiny details that really make this special.  Take a look at the tiny silver bells she added and how each of the beards has just a bit of extra soft fuzziness!  Polly held a strand of the Plymouth Angora yarn with her cream colored Galway when she knit the Santa motifs to add this effect. 
Nancy's pattern also has a number of other advantages and tips that make for a great finished project.  This sock is knit in the round on a circular needle.  Polly and I agree that for the two of us this makes the color-work motifs much cleaner looking in the finished project than if we were to use the flat knitting intarsia method.  We can also both knit much faster in the round!   

Polly also took the pattern's advice to work the name band on her project on both sides of the sock so that it can be hung facing either direction.
This is more difficult if you need to put a long name on the band, but for Jack it works great!)

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