Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Goodies from Berroco... First Up - Versa

Since we're not able to get out and do much skiing or sledding right now, maybe we should take a mental vacation and start thinking about spring. Perhaps a preview of some new spring garments will create some excitement? I really would rather be dealing with snow - I love snow! - but since there's none of that to be had, I'd rather focus on something that will get my creative juices flowing.

We've gotten in 3 new Spring yarns from Berroco (Versa, Circus & Captiva), and earlier this week we received all 6 new pattern booklets for Spring 2012.  We've still got one more new yarn (Lago) slated to arrive after the holidays, but now's a great time to show you these yarns and some of my favorite patterns!

I'll break it down into smaller, more manageable posts because these new yarns are great, and as usual, there are many good patterns.

First up, Berroco Versa, a cotton blend.

When I first saw this yarn I though it was a variegated ribbon-like sportweight or light worsted yarn. I was meeting with our sales rep and she told me to pick it up and actually LOOK at the yarn closely. I was surprised when I did!
What I thought was a single strand of a variegated ribbon is actually 2 ribbons that are dyed separately and then joined.

I love it! This also means that it's a bulky weight, and knits up quickly.

I've got some of the yarn here in Finland and I've made up a pattern for a cute little kids' sweater that will be available in a few sizes. I really am enjoying working with this yarn. Just 1.25 sleeves left and a few more seams and it will be finished.

It's very soft and lightweight, despite its being a bulky. The colors are really beautiful, and even though Berroco has lots of adult patterns for this yarn, I didn't want people to think it wasn't a great choice for kids. Because it is! It's quick knitting, super colorful and machine wash. That's a perfect combination for kids' items.

Berroco Book #316 - Versa has 9 beautiful items. A few of my favorites are:
Pinara Tank - same as the Pinaretta but in a longer silhouette, with stripes!

Pinaretta Tank - in one color
Dalyan Sweater - this easy sweater uses a drop stitch which looks elegant!
Ferah Scarf - this looks easy and I'd wear it everywhere!
Alanya Sweater - the body of this is worked in one piece in moss stitch and then the sleeves are worked and pieced in afterwards
Iztuzu Sweater - worked side to side, I like how this is figure flattering with the ribbing!

This booklet is available as a hard copy or as an e-Book (PDF download.)

Tomorrow's post is either Captiva... or Circus. Stay tuned!

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Rita said...

That looks like a really nice yarn. I like the two tank tops a lot. Thanks for showing them!