Thursday, September 15, 2011

I thought my baby days were over!

Ok, these ADORABLE preemie hats are enough to make me want to have another child... and that's saying a lot because my baby days are WAY over people!

Every single hat in this picture was made by our customer Janet B. That's right, When we asked folks to make preemie hats for the NICU, we figured one, maybe two hats would be a nice donation. But 24!? We are speechless.
Janet told the gals at the shop that since my girls Helen & Sophie just turned 12 this year, she would make 12 hats to donate for each of them. Aw! That is so sweet, thanks!

The hats on the right are cupcakes. The box is decorated to look like a bakery box - isn't that the sweetest thing ever? I can picture lots of little cupcake babies up in the NICU...
Cupcake Hats
And the other box contains 12 completely different hats. Look at some of these. I love the little sheep with it's textured fleece, and the beautiful colors, and flowers and fruit! I envy the NICU nurses when they get to give these to new babies.
Janet, you went above and beyond. Thank you so much! Your hats are amazing and brought such smiles to all of us. I know they will be cherished by all the babies (and their parents!) whose heads they get to top!

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