Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hey Locals, here's one for you!

Over the years we've been asked about frequent buyer programs and punch cards and why we haven't had them. We chose to offer weekly specials online, and we've offered some pretty awesome deals that way. Those deals are available to locals and non-locals, you just had to be on our email list.

But we do love our local customers. And we wouldn't be here without you! So we've thought long and hard about what kind of reward program we wanted to offer... Starting in the beginning of September we began handing out "K-Kash". For every $10 in net sales you spend in the shop, you'll get $1 in K-Kash. K-Kash is yours to hold onto (please keep it in a safe place and treat it like real cashola!) until the specific K-Kash Days, when you can come in and redeem it towards a purchase. 
We wanted to start this in August, but we had to hammer out all the details. If you know anything about us, it's that we're sticklers for details! Also, August is a month that we're short on staff because of vacations, so it took a little bit of time.

But now, it's September, everyone's back and we're ready to roll! We have been getting such great feedback from our customers and it's pretty clear so far that they're really happy with this program. It is a "shop" program, for sales in the physical shop, and is not related to internet sales, even if they are ordered for pickup.

So come on in and start collecting your rewards! For more details, please ask anyone in the shop and they'll be happy to explain it to you.

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