Monday, December 20, 2010

Manic-In Monday

The countdown is on! We're under the 5 day mark now, and it's been crazy here in the shop. People are rushing in, frantically buying little gifties for stockings and even picking up some quick projects that can actually be finished in the next few days. Our online customers are also frantic - as we can tell from all the expedited shipping that people are paying for. (Remember - at this point it's only Overnight and Second Day Air that are guaranteed to arrive!)

And this week, kids are finishing up at school, and adults are finishing up at work before the break. There are still a few holiday parties crammed here and there - and our gal still has a few good sweaters in her closet from which to choose. This week she broke out a gorgeous short sleeved number, in a soft and slightly sparkly yarn. It's just perfect for the holiday cocktail party she's attending tomorrow night. She grabbed a small bag - really a notions case, but it's black (elegant) and whimsical (sheep-y) and it will hold her cell phone, lip balm and car key just perfectly. For an extra bit of glitz, she's got some sparkle around her neck.

Pattern: Dionne Sweater from Tahki Stacy Charles Round Midnight Fall - Winter 2010. Knit with Stacy Charles Luna Yarn

Bag: Frabjous Fibers Mama Black Sheep Bag

Necklace: Berroco Lumina yarn

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