Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I'm making my list!

We have been unpacking TONS of boxes EVERYDAY at the shop. Obviously, it's knitting season but even more importantly, it is gifting season. We all love to pitch in to unpack the lovely yarn... though lately the lovely yarn has been arriving with LOTS of other lovely things that we ooh and ahh over (like the new tape measures, or the cute project bags, or the fun stitch markers, or the colorful embroidery scissors...)

Some of those things would be just perfect to add to my knitting collection. However, there is a rule that you should not purchase things for YOURSELF this close to the holidays - it could seriously derail someone else's plans!

I very much believe in giving hints about what kinds of knitting supplies are most appreciated by knitters to those people who are non-knitters. Do you know we still have customers asking us in the shop if we keep wish lists on file? Well, we don't do it in the shop but you can make your own on our website! Jill's recent blog post included a step-by-step guide to making a wish list.

You can print out your wish list and leave it in a convenient spot OR you can email it to anyone you think needs some help buying you the perfect gift. (Remember locals! We have a pickup option that's free, so your gift giving friends can purchase things for you directly off your wish list, and come in to pick them up quickly!)

What better way to let your non-knitting friends and family know exactly what you would appreciate. After all, haven't you been knitting them lovely projects all year long? It's time for them to show you a little love. and you can even add gift certificates to your wish list!

(I've just added the Addi Click Lace () interchangeable knitting needle set to my

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