Friday, December 10, 2010

Free on Friday

This week's free scarf pattern was inspired by a sweater that Barb is knitting for the shop. It's the Hester cardigan in the Rowan Homestead Classics pattern book. She's knitting the sweater out of Rowan alpaca Cotton - which we LOVE... it's lightweight and airy, super soft and warm, and comes in great colors! Oh, AND it's machine washable. My selling point!

The stitch pattern is actually all knit stitches, but you'd never believe it. That's right, just knitting and slipping with the yarn in front. It's so pretty, and totally reversible, so Barb grabbed a few balls of Rowan Lima and worked it up into a scarf.
Since it's technically garter stitch, but not really, we're calling it the Garter "Not" Scarf. Free pattern is here. Enjoy!

And stay tuned for the sweater debut... it's almost finished.

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