Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New videos, because it's the season of the pom pom

So pom poms are everywhere I look this season! I've seen so many cool hats with either traditional pom poms at the top (free pattern here), or fun pom poms hanging from the earflaps. I've seen many scarves decorated with pom poms (free pattern here), and some made entirely of pom poms (free pattern here). And the other day, I saw an adorable kid's sweater with pom poms on the belt.

To make a pom pom, all you really need is some cardboard and a sharp pair of scissors. But if you're making more than one (and want them to come out right the first try) then we do recommend purchasing a pom pom maker. Based on the popularity of the pom pom these days, we've been getting a lot of questions on how to use the pom pom makers we sell in the shop. So...

We dedicated our last two instructional videos to this topic. Now you can see just how easy it is to use the Susan Bates Pom Pom Maker and the Clover Pom Pom Maker.

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