Friday, November 19, 2010

Free on Friday

This week's free pattern is a quick cowl - direct from Ravelry, with of course, a few modifications!

"Cowls, cowls, cowls..." it's pretty much all you hear these days! Everyone is making them, and why not? They're super easy, quick and practical. Doesn't your coat always gap at the neck? Cowls do the work of scarves, but save you the hassle of wrapping and wrapping, and tucking in ends.
This stitch pattern is a four row pattern and easy to memorize. Two of the four rows are knit, so there's no arguing that this is a cinch.

Last week I received just one lonely skein of the brand new Berroco Ultra Alpaca Tonal yarn as a sample, and I knew this cowl was the right project for it. Because I wanted to make it a one skein project, I followed this pattern, but cut the stitches back to 121 and used size 9 needles. If you grab 2 skeins, you can follow the pattern on Ravelry as written. The cowl is beautiful.

The stitch pattern is really pretty and the cowl is nice and warm and drapey. I love how the yarn worked up, too! The tonals are beautiful. A perfect addition to the Ultra Alpaca line.

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Darcie said...

What a gorgeous sheen from that yarn. It really shows of the stitch pattern!

I am totally wild about cowls and infinity scarves!

Happy weekend!