Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Stocking Time

There are about 25 days left until the Christmas holiday. So it is definitely time to get cranking on those holiday decorations and gifts! I am trying my best to get a jump on things so I finished my latest project in just one day of solid knitting. Since my family's tradition dictates stockings are needed for the St. Nicholas holiday (December 6th) I have only about 6 days to squeeze in some remaining knitting - whew! Doesn't that 25 days look much better now?

I wanted something functional here folks (for me it is about what is in the stocking that counts) so I just had to be sure it was roomy enough to fit fun
objects into AND that the loop at the top fits over a door knob - bedroom door knobs being the hanging spot of choice for St. Nicholas day my family. I chose Berroco Vintage yarn in worsted weight because I knew it would be nice to knit with and it is going to wear well over (what I hope is) years of use.Did you know that if I give you one of my handknit stockings and you return it each year before St. Nicholas I WILL return it filled on the holiday?! I used the Nancy Lindberg Christmas Socks pattern for my stitch counts...but since fair-isle is not my cup of tea I just chose to stripe my stocking in two different colors. Then again, this is a great project to practice fair-isle technique and boy does it come out wonderfully. The pattern even lets you choose which motifs you want to use!

Here is another lovely example that we have in the shop (knit with
Cascade 220 wool): Don't leave anyone out - I think one of our customers came in to say that she had made over 20 holiday stockings and was still knitting! I'll have to ask her if that was all in one year.... We have other patterns available too. Check out the Yankee Knitter patterns or Ann Norling patterns for additional inspiration.

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Jane (mom) said...

Some people NEVER forget St. Nick! The bedroom door knob, of course, where else would you hang it if you don't have a fireplace!