Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where did our seaming help go!?

We're still seaming the charity blankets... remember we have 5 blankets to put together, so that's a lot of seaming! A lot of people said they wanted to help, and maybe the first three dates we put out there for seaming didn't work for many of you, because we didn't have many people show up! So we are making it easier for you.

Come in to the shop, any time during open hours and sit down and seam for a bit. We will take 5 minutes to be sure you are seaming properly (heck, this sort of qualifies as a free lesson, doesn't it!?) and then you can sit and seam.

It's very theraputic, and it's all for a good cause. Please, please, please! We have just finished the first blanket, and it is truly beautiful. We are not on a deadline to finish these, but we really would like to get them done soon, as we have some other projects coming up. Here's the first twin sized blanket - isn't it beautiful!?

Thanks again to Kali for arranging the squares.

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Jane said...

The finished blanket is gorgeous!