Friday, June 05, 2009

Asteroid scarf - finished!

The other night I finished my scarf in the Tilli Tomas Asteroid. It's lovely - and by having it in my bag here at the shop, lots of customers have been able to see it. Needless to say, the yarn sells as soon as the scarf comes out of the bag! The pattern is free with purchase (ask for it if you order online!)

I'm not working this weekend, but the scarf will be here for any of you who want to see it. The yarn is technically online only, but we'll have it in the shop this weekend for anyone who wants to see it. It's gorgeous stuff... too bad it's going, going, gone! (ADDED: My scarf took one skein. Yardage varies on each skein because some beads weigh more. If I cut off two stitches I would have had some extra length.)
Directions: Cast on 14 stitches. Purl 1 row. Work in pattern to desired length of end of skein.
Row 1: k1, *yo, sl 1 wyib, k1, psso; rep from *, end k1. Row 2: p1, *yo, sl 1 wyif, p1, psso; rep from *, end p1.

Finally some nice weather in Vermont! I have a lot of gardening/outside painting/fort building to do this weekend, so I plan to enjoy the time outside. I can't wait to relax on my deck in the lounge chair, and knit! Will try to finish my next project to show you all early next week.

Also, a few more yarns added to the sale page! I've been buying, buying, buying for fall, so there are some good deals right now. Check them out!


Anonymous said...

Wanted to order yarn online for scarf - how many skeins of Tilli Tomas Asteroid is required?

Anonymous said...

Jill, the scarf is gorgeous!

Karen M. said...

Thanks for updating your item description on the Asteroid. Now I know to ask for the scarf pattern when I order it! It's lovely.