Thursday, June 11, 2009

And then it was summer

School was supposed to end tomorrow, so how is it that today was the first day of summer? Well, a little thing called H1N1 (also known as "Swine Flu") forced our school to close down a bit early this year. Kindergarten was closed on Monday, since there were 5 confirmed cases and others with flu-like symptoms. By Tuesday, there were 17 other students and 5 staff members with symptoms as well, so Tuesday at 5pm we received an emergency alert call (LOVE THOSE!) that told us Wednesday would be the last day of school.

Helen wasn't too phased, but Sophie was really upset. They are 4th graders, and in our school, 5th graders go to the middle school. So it was the end of their elementary school era, and when you think you can strut your stuff as a big 4th grader, and draw out the teary goodbyes for the rest of the week, but then get news that you only have one day to do it... it can be a shock. So yesterday they had their graduation ceremony and it was actually a bit sad for me. It was a big reminder of how quickly time passes. It's sad that my little girls are now big girls. Luckily they are still little at heart! It seems that just yesterday they were getting off the bus - their first bus ride home from kindergarten:
And then 1st grade:
And 2nd:
And 3rd:
And now on graduation day from 4th grade: Anyway, they had a pretty lazy day today for their first day of summer. And look who must be excited that they're home all day now! Maisy is usually not so tolerant of dressing up, but she looks very nice in her bonnet.
She even wore the Irish step dancing wig without putting up a fight. I never would have believed it, but with photographic evidence, it has to be true.
Speaking of graduations, my neice is graduating from high school tomorrow. My sister is crocheting her a "take to college" afghan out of.... Berocco Vintage Wool. She picked 14 colors and taught herself to "granny". There's been a little hand holding on my end, but now she's well on her way. The Vintage Wool is perfect for this project. It will be gorgeous, and it will be soft and warm, but be completely easy care for an 18 year old college freshman.

Unfortunately I am missing her graduation because Barb and I leave for Columbus for the TNNA Fall show tomorrow morning. We'll be checking out all sorts of new things for the shop. And my travel project is putting together swatches for our Kids Knitting Camp this summer. We still have a few openings for July, and I think, one for August, so sign up your kids!

And one last thing. WWKIP (World Wide Knit in Public) day is Saturday and our shop is opening late, at 11am, instead of the regular 9am. Shawn and Emily will be downtown in Burlington right by the Farmer's Market, knitting with the masses (we hope.) They'll be there at 9am and will stay for a bit until they have to come back and open the shop. Bring your knitting, a chair, and snacks if you get hungry, and knit with some like minded folks.

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